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MontaVega Media Vide Production


The face of any marketing campaign. We work exclusively in-house, which means we oversee every detail, so we can ensure that our video production, motion design, or 3D animation aligns with your brand perfectly. 

Video Production. 3D Animation. Graphic Design.  

MontaVega Media Marketing


Expand your brand through the most trafficked and highly targeted channels in marketing. Customer service and communication are at the center of our results based approach. Our ability to dynamically approach creative and brand from all sides gives us an unmistakable advantage.

PPC. Social. Display. PR. Brand Management.

MontaVega Media Web Development


The hub for your entire business and marketing approach. An integrated web presence is paramount in today's climate. We don't tear down what you have we build off of it and ensure a seamless user experience and the best possible brand trajectory. 

Creation. Management. Adaptive SEO.

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Bronko Box

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We own a small business and MontaVega Media created unique professional videos perfect for our social media campaigns. They are easy to work with. From booking, shooting and editing there was clear communication. "

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MontaVega Media stood out with their eagerness to know more about the company and its vision. They made sure that their output resonated with the company's brand essence and managed to capture essential emotions and movements during production. Their creativity knows no bounds."

Inn Cahoots

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Working with MontaVega Media was amazing! I had a super last minute request for a video (less than 24 hours), they responded immediately and made it happen with no fuss at all. The finished product was perfect and exactly what we wanted!"

Slipstream Creative

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Used MontaVega Media on several projects. They ALWAYS go above and beyond. The team here are incredibly professional and know what they're doing. Also, their willingness to travel makes them to go to team in their area for video needs. I highly recommend them!"

Duncan Financial Solutions

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They did a remarkable job with their film production and end result. MontaVega Media's output increased our customers. From just 15 clients, it rapidly grew to 86. We are satisfied with their work and everything worked smoothly throughout the project's duration.



  • Video Production

  • Motion Design

  • 3D Animation 

  • Prototyping

  • Product Cinematography 

  • Documentary Film Making


  • Creative Conceptualization

  • Execution

  • Pay Per Click

  • Social Management

  • Social Marketing

  • Public Relations


  • Complete Design Builds

  • Security

  • Backlink Gathering

  • Content Management

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Landing Page Design


  • Branding & Identity

  • Positioning

  • Brand Persona Development

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Advertising budget spent on bad creative is wasted money.

In-house through and through.

Planning, creating, executing, and adapting all done by the same team. We never outsource, every member of our team knows the ultimate goal and is given the autonomy to bring their best ideas and skill set to bear on each client. 

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