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5 Reasons Why Using Video in Marketing is Beneficial for Your Company

Video is not only used for entertainment, but also a tool for company’s looking to market their products or services. The great thing about video is it can be used in a variety of ways including: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails, etc. Video production is a great way for a brand to reach potential new consumers or reconnect with existing. Production can be sort of a process, but the benefits can also be enormous! Let’s jump into it…

1. Videos keep the attention of users for a longer duration

By adding video to your website, it will increase the time spent on your page. I don’t want to say it could happen overnight, BUT it could. According to, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Videos are oftentimes more entertaining than text, so it only makes sense to use.

2. Videos improve SEO and ultimately drive more traffic to your site

Improving SEO never hurts. Videos boost engagement on social media platforms and create more interest in visiting your website. Keep in mind, shorter videos tend to perform better. Most people nowadays tend to lose interest fairly quickly in longer form videos. It’s better to get straight to the point in the fast-moving environment that is the internet.

Make sure to use captions in videos with speech as well to help improve SEO performance. That’s one of the easiest ways to optimize performance along with adding titles and descriptions relating to the video. The videos need to be eye-catching to increase click-through rates. Have a solid thumbnail to grab the attention of users.

3. Sharing is caring

According to, videos on social media get 1200% more shares than text or image content combined. Sharing video content allows for a broader audience to view your content and potentially pique the interest of users to visit your website.

4. It’s kind of a popularity contest.

Find me a person who doesn’t like video content, I promise it’ll be pretty hard. Everyone loves video and it shows. YouTube amasses BILLIONS of views a day. A popular advertising tool is YouTude advertising. Yes, most people skip the ads or even have them turned off, but the return is impressive. This is just another reason video is king…or queen.

5. Your competitors are using it, so why not you?

Don’t get left behind. Everyone uses video and you should too! Video is the easiest way to make a clear distinction between you and your competitors. If you’re behind the curve that’s okay, because sometimes all it takes is one rockstar video and you’re rolling.


Video production is an incredibly popular tool in today’s marketing strategies. It is an easy way to boost engagement, create traffic to websites, and ultimately close on deals or sell more products. But, you need to be strategic with what you put out there. Working with a team you trust is crucial and they will help guide you to the top of video marketing!

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