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Why 3D Animation?

3D animation has become wildly popular in recent years as I’m sure most of you have seen. I mean…have you checked out the latest video games that have been released? The graphics are INSANE. They have been taken to an entirely new level thanks to modern technology and the advancement of 3D animation. 3D animation is not only used for video games, film, and TV, but also tons of companies are turning to it for their advertising. I know y’all have seen “The General” from The General Car Insurance commercials. That’s a great example of one of the earlier forms of 3D advertising.

These types of advertisements literally and metaphorically jump out at you. The animation is designed to capture and keep the attention of viewers to hopefully buy their product/service. The idea is to engage the audience, make them excited or at least somewhat interested in whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

“Based on the early results and the feedback from several large and notable brands including Nike, Adidas, Peugeot, LG and many others, 3D advertising is not only here to stay, but will revolutionize the way brands and advertisers think about ad creatives and campaigns.” -

Some of the largest brands in the world are using 3D advertising, so why not you? Animation is seen in a variety of forms across several different mediums. It’s a new form of advertising that is here to stay. It’s as easy as hiring a design firm → MontaVega Media, or attempting to learn the software yourself. I’d go with the first option, BUT that’s just me. The value of 3D animation is enormous and you can see that through quick research. You’ll not only find studies, but I’m positive you’ll run into a 3D pop-up ad along the way.

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